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Last updateSun, 21 Oct 2018 8pm

Asteroids Linked to Sudden Climate Change and Mass Extinction

Heads Up! Asteroids are linked to 1 or more Mass Extinctions, sudden Climate Change or ice age like intense volcanic eruptions that cover the sky with ash "1885 the year without a summer". Several videos, near misses:

Nye: Asteroid to miss Earth by 15 min.
CNN Newsroom|Added on February 9, 2013
Bill Nye explains the size of the asteroid that is going to miss Earth.

Asteroid too close for comfort?
CNN|Added on February 9, 2013
It's half the size of a football field and is hurtling towards earth at 17,000 miles an hour.
Half-a-football-field asteroid nears Earth

NASA|Added on February 5, 2013
Asteroid 2012 DA14 is heading toward Earth at 17,450 miles per hour, according to NASA.