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Grid List "Oregon State University ice scientist Erin Pettit said Thwaites appears to be collapsing in three ways: — - The glacier's ice shelf is breaking into hundreds of fractures like a damaged car windshield. This is what Pettit said she fears will be the most troublesome with six-mile (10-kilometer) long cracks forming in just a year. — Wahlin's team will use two robot ships - her own large one called Ran which she used in 2019 and the more agile Boaty McBoatface.."

Drought in the Horn of Africa has killed more than 1.5 million livestock and drastically cut cereal production, “and we are most definitely now sitting on the brink of catastrophe,” UN: Horn of Africa Drought Kills+ Over 1.5 Million Livestock | U.S. News® | US News 

Two news reports and videos of the wild fires in Australia.

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There’s something oddly comforting about watching an apocalypse movie, especially nowadays—it can help put things into perspective. Sure, things look pretty bad, but at least they’re not this bad, right? We feel fine about this list of films where it’s the end of the world as we know it.