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The great extinction of 250 million years ago, that killed 95 percent of species on the planet, rising CO2 levels, melting ice, and the release of tons of methane, looks like the current pattern to our climate change. (4 videos)

Siberian Traps Volcanic Mass Extinction 4 Videos

1. CO2, Drought, Land Mammal Extinction

Something caused the land to dry up, the plants to die, and nearly every land animal to go extinct, and one critical cause of this global disaster is carbon dioxide from the lava rocks.

2. CO2, Warm Oceans, Oxygen Depleted Seas and Death

Having killed off most of the life on land, the Siberian Super Volcanic disaster was spreading to the seas. The seas had no oxygen at all, and scientists believe that the warming effect of volcanic carbon dioxide from Siberian eruptions was directly to blame for lack of oxygen.

3. Hydrogen Sulfide, Poisoned Oceans

Purple bacteria that thrive in oxygen depleted water poisoned the seas with hydrogen sulfide. The trilobites and virtually every other species of sea life died out and never returned. (bio-markers) (other videos mention volcanic activity release all kinds of toxic gas too)

4. CO2, Methane Ice, Melting Ice

Temperatures rose all over the globe, 10 degrees, too much for CO2 alone, methane is top of the list. The light carbon, a finger print of methane gas, in the extinction zones is so high that it equates the sudden release of a trillion tons of gas. Burning coal is one possible source, the other is methane ice, locked in permafrost, more energy in methane ice than all fossil fuels combined, key to past, and melting ice released enough methane to increase temperatures by 20 degrees. 95 percent of species driven to extinction.