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I was born in Montreal, Rosemont hospital, July 25, 1968.

Education and Degrees

Our Lady of Peace grade school in Laval, Laval Catholic High School, Vanier College, Delta College, and Concordia University. DEC in Pure and Applied Sciences, AEC Computer Programmer-Analyst, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Database Administrator. MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA

My Microsoft Certificates

Human Rights Defender

I'm a human rights defender, write about related issues to psychological harassment, bullying, mobbing, discrimination, sexual harassment, suicide factors, the cause of cyberbullying suicides, young gay teen suicides, rage shooting factors, the Psychological Harassment Information Association, Climate Change Mass Extinction,


July 2008 Birthday

This is the most recent video that I have of myself. It doesn't show but I'm actually very sleep deprived, about 4 hours a night. I have been very isolated most of these last several years, victim of false allegations of "uttering threats towards women" in a Mobbing Research article published on CNN iReport in 2011 combined with radar types assaults, criminal harassment network participants in Canada that say "run away or die of cancer" "you have to turn aka be subjugated by them or die of cancer", regime and police denial, now acquitted, still under ongoing daily radar type assaults from satellites the US UK "Star Wars" program, neighboring homes, public places, and have taken refuge in a faraday cage, think metal, copper wires, travertine (marble/limestone). What I have experienced these last few years, the isolation, what I consider to be a 2nd regime homicide attempt on my life through these radar types assaults, this is a way to share a better memory with friends, and break isolation by sharing it.

In the video I'm trying to give my friends directions for them to participate in a game, throwing an egg back and forth, stepping back, until only one team is left.

2011-2013 Faraday Cage

To encourage myself during this period of time and try to expose the use of these radar type assaults I made videos, my ongoing attempts to protect myself, attenuate radar type assaults. I am still in need of cheap, affordable, microwave spectrum detection equipment to prove this claim to the International Community.

The Creator

The creator and founder of this website is currently under ongoing radar type assaults by Canadian and US secret police participants, US UK satellite "StarWars" program radar type assaults, attempt to subjugate him, guide him towards biker gangs, destroy his fertility, gradually degrade his brain, inflict deadly brain tumors, earase knowledge, silence him, .. , and he is in need of microwave spectrum detection or spectroscopy equipment to see the assaults and prove his claim to the international community.

The victim of police false allegations, long and costly proceedings, regime court "corruption", combined with the assaults, now acquitted but left with high interest debt.

Danny Hunt, 1804 boul Le Corbusier #507, Laval (QC) H7S 2N3, Canada
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel: +1(438)448-4333 Canada, +1(256)270-0168 USA, please leave a message.


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