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Several videos, world leading civil rights, human rights, climate change leader assaulted with radar type and xray type assaults from neighboring homes. (UPDATED) XRAY LASER, SPECTROSCOPY

The xray laser, assaults, and types of radar are a US UK Empire secret police homicide method, bone, lung, .. , cancers, brain tumors,leukemia,.


Geiger Counter Public Samples 10-14 around 12

Geiger counter samples taken in public locations, Laval Shopping Center entrance, Laval Shopping Center sitting area, HomeDepot Laval, IGA Centre Laval, Laval City Bus, and inside a faraday cage shield.

Geiger Counter Calcium Shield 10-14 without calcium shield 15-18

Geiger counter readings behind calcium shielding ranges 9-13, without goes up to 14-18

Geiger Counter Xray Assaults 15-21 direct or more intense assaults around 21

Geiger counter readings, direct assaults to lungs, body, seem to range between 19-21, secret police method of inflicting long term deadly cancers, bone, lung, .. , cancers.

Two Geiger Counters (SOEKS Quantum)
Xray type assaults made clearer using two geiger counters.
1. The assaults range between 18-21 in first video.
2. In the second I seperate them and use the metal/lime shield to show the direction of assault, the right, the reading drops normal around 10-12
3. In the third I shield them both, they drop to normal around 11, without return to 18-21
4-6. are simply readings taken in different places that show a base of around 12


The strategy seems to be to assault unsuspecting victims in the lungs, in this case kitchen window.

In my case, while I defended myself in court from false allegations "uttering threats towards women" fabricated from a CNN Mobbing Research article, assaulted with type of radar, police psychiatric intervention attempts, attempts through participating parents, no protection measures allowed in the home, while I prepare meals, clean, bath, cornered through participants in denial, police and regime denial, and created justifications for psychiatric intervention. "I have to stay outside" I'm supposed to be one of the homeless who chooses to be homeless. My parents return to the city, my father intentionally broke my panel, once gone I put the protection measures back in place. The intervention attempts were combined with an unlawful assessment order before trial in Canada that could circumvent charter of rights violations and trial, attempts at subjugation, guide me towards biker gangs for "protection", and a 2nd documented homicide attempt. see Suicide Factors for the 1st.


Prophets of Science Fiction, Star Wars Program 1983 Xray Lasers Assaault Weapon

Prophets of Science Fiction(YouTube)

(*currently looking into this solution, trying to get info*)

Cosmos, Spectroscopy to see Radar and Xray Type Assaults

Spectroscopy can capture the crime of radar and xray type assaults from neighboring homes on camera.


Measures I Took, Faradday Cage Since 2011